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Cloud North Leagues Cup - Week 6 Recap/Week 7 Preview

Cloud North Leagues Cup - Week 6 Recap/Week 7 Preview

Gabriel Almada29 Feb - 12:00
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FC Berlin still holding on to the lead, but Conestoga is only three points behind

The games from last week were anticipated to be thrilling, and they lived up to that expectation! In the initial match, Cloud North FC squandered a 5-3 lead, allowing seven consecutive goals and ultimately losing to Conestoga 6-10.

The subsequent game witnessed FC Berlin facing off against the Polish Eagles, with Berlin dominating the entire match. The conclusive score of 19-9 in favor of the league leaders clearly illustrates the contrasting performance levels of the two teams. Santiago Almada's remarkable seven-goal contribution propelled him to the summit of the Leaderboard Table with fourteen goals, trailed by Alex Babol (FC Berlin) with 12, Nick Miszczyk (Polish Eagles) with 10, and young Michal Sada-Sadowski (Polish Eagles) with 9.

Seven rounds into the regular season, FC Berlin maintains an unblemished 5-0-0 record, leading the standings, while Conestoga closely follows with a 4-0-1 record, trailing by just three points. Cloud North FC holds onto third place with a 2-0-3 record, with Polish Eagles in fourth place at 1-0-4 and Studio Z at the bottom with a 0-0-5 record, still searching for their inaugural victory.

Tonight's matchups featuring Conestoga against FC Berlin, followed by Studio Z FC versus Cloud North FC, promise captivating competition.

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