Berlin Academy XI Boys Capture U21 Regional South Title

Berlin Academy XI Boys Capture U21 Regional South Title

By Santiago Almada
16 August
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An almost perfect season finished on Thursday with a 5-1 win

Thanks to all the boys, staff and parents for their support and effort in achieving this monumental goal we set. On to Provincial next season!
Santiago Almada

Coming into a must win game, the boys had a record of 11-1-1. We have had many key players like Bowen Wyminga and Nick Misczyzk from Utah State Eastern who had left for school already so we relied heavily on the core that we had as well as some of our young 2003 players for last nights game.

Sylvano Lewis got us underway early with a pair of quick goals assisted by Thomas Rumble and Zayd Fouad. North Mississauga scored in the 25th minute to make it 2-1 and we went into the half with a 2-1 lead. At half, we adjusted the formation to a simpler 4-2-3-1 with Adi Ponjevic dropping to center-back and Evan Rees coming to CAM.

Then, it was more of the same. Blake Semper sent a long pass to Sylano Lewis who dribbled and scored his third of the game. Then, in a similar fashion, Evan Rees turned distributor playing another long ball for Sylvano to get his 4th and final goal of the game. The scoring was then rounded off by Thomas Rumble scoring a tap in after an impressive run by Blake Semper.

Overall our debut season was excellent. We had 31 different players/callups play for our team this summer as well as 19 different goal scorers. Below are your season stats.

Top Goal Scorers:
Sylvano Lewis - 18
Nick Miszczyk - 12
Bowen Wyminga - 10
Samuel Kanne - 8
Philopater Milio - 8

Top Assists:
Philopater Milio - 8
Samuel Kanne - 6
Bowen Wyminga - 6
Sylvano Lewis - 5
Sebastian Stefan - 4

Top Appearances:
Sylvano Lewis - 14
Cedric MacNay - 14
Jesse Zuzan - 13
Jordan Jehlik - 12
Thomas Rumble - 12
Zayd Fouad - 12

Total Goals Scored: 85
Total Goals Against: 15
Goal Difference: +67

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